Taylor Swift fans believe she dropped hints about her next album on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert'

Taylor Swift either dropped a lot of hints about which of her re-recorded albums will be next to drop when she appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, or she was having a little fun at the expense of fans. Throughout her appearance, it seemed as though Colbert was just setting up Swift to, in very roundabout ways, reference her 2014 megahit album, 1989. Swift’s fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts, some going deep down the rabbit hole, dissecting nearly everything she said. But even to the casual Taylor Swift fan, some references were hard to ignore, especially when she told Colbert to “shake it off,” referring to his fake feeling that Swift’s song “Hey Stephen” from her 2008 album Fearless is about him. She also went way out of her way to mention New York City (the first song on 1989 is “Welcome to New York”), and Swift just flat out mentioned the album. Whether her fans are right or not, Swift definitely gave them plenty to think about.