Police officer finds child's heartbreaking note to dad on balloon

A police officer was eating lunch in his vehicle when he saw a yellow smiley face balloon drifting in the wind towards him. When it got close, he opened his door and it miraculously “blew right in”.

Stuck to the balloon was a hand-written note that broke the deputy’s heart.

"I love you, dad. I miss you, but you are a star. I will never forget you," it read.

The officer, Deputy Nelson Brum, shared a photograph of his find to Facebook in the hope of finding the family of the child that wrote it.

"I got my heart broken," he said.

The officer was left feeling 'heart broken' by the balloon he found while eating lunch, he said. Source: Facebook / Bristol County Sheriff's Office

A social media post was also made by the Bristol County Sheriff's Office where Deputy Brum worked, in the Massachusetts’ city of Taunton.

“If anyone can help us connect, please drop us a message,” the sheriff’s office urged.

So far the child appears not to have been found yet, but with local media picking up on the story, it hopefully won’t take too much longer.

Much like the officer who found the note, the photo of the balloon also broke quite a few hearts on Facebook.

“I hope you find the child this belongs too, maybe if you find him the police officer can send a letter from heaven to him from his dad!!” one person suggested.

Another said: “I believe not[h]ing happens by mistake. I do believe the dad wanted this man to find the balloon for a reason. Prayers.”

“Just a reminder to be thankful for those around you. I hope this child finds peace,” wrote another person.

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