Tasmanian firey vacancies 'unforgivable'

Tasmania's fire service has 28 vacancies that need to be filled urgently, the opposition says.

Labor obtained figures revealing the vacancies, with opposition police, fire and emergency management spokeswoman Michelle O'Byrne blasting the situation as "unforgivable".

Many of the vacancies were frontline positions including community fire safety and fire communications roles and some have been long term, with one position vacant for 195 days, Ms O'Byrne said.

She called on Police, Fire and Emergency Management Minister Felix Ellis to ensure the positions were urgently filled.

"These figures also don't take into account vacancies caused by long term leave or workers' compensation," Ms O'Byrne said in a statement on Monday.

"In addition, the Northern Region has had an acting regional chief all year which is also completely unacceptable."

The United Firefighters Union called on the government to shift its focus from a stadium in Hobart to developing an up-to-date Fire Service Act.

"An act that contains a funding model for a modern fire service that can fill vacancies and deliver the services that keep workers and the community safe," the union's Leigh Hills said.

Acting Premier Michael Ferguson suggested Labor was in no position to lay blame on the government, pointing to the opposition "running down" emergency services when in power.

He assured Tasmanians the vacancies presented no risk to the community and said the fire service remained in a strong position.

While there were vacancies, it was a difficult time to recruit anybody in any role, he said.

"But we are encouraging people with an interest in a firefighting career to jump online and to apply for these jobs, even though we have record low unemployment at the moment," Mr Ferguson told reporters.

"We've created the positions - we've got more positions in fire and emergency services than ever before.

"That's why I think it's very strangely hypocritical of Labor to be politicking around fire services on this issue."

The government has been investing in the fire service and has made significant efforts to recruit and retain people, Mr Ferguson said.