Tasmanian dataset to unlock new mining

Rich geology beneath the feet of Tasmanians has been revealed as part of a federal Exploring for the Future program.

Resources Minister Madeleine King said on Thursday the new Geoscience Australia and Mineral Resources Tasmania data would support the state's mining industry.

Last year, a helicopter carrying radiometric and magnetic surveying equipment flew across nearly 10,000 square kilometres of south-eastern Tasmania.

"Just like an ultrasound can reveal what's inside your body, magnetic and radiometric surveys can reveal the geology below the ground by measuring the magnetism and tiny amounts of natural radioactivity of the Earth," she said.

The survey identified potentially lucrative deposits of gold, bauxite, tungsten and other critical minerals, and can detect groundwater aquifers and different soil types in agricultural regions.

State Resources Minister Felix Ellis said Tasmania was in an enviable position to capitalise on increasing global demand for these minerals, supported by abundant renewable energy.

The data can be found on Geoscience Australia's online electronic catalogue, eCat.