Taskmaster's Steve Pemberton reveals another trick for Greg Davies

steve pemberton on taskmaster episode 7
Taskmaster star reveals another trick for GregAvalon - Channel 4

Taskmaster season 17 spoilers follow.

Taskmaster star Steve Pemberton had another trick up his sleeve to wow Greg Davies.

On tonight's (May 9) Taskmaster, Greg and Alex Horne challenged Steve and his co-stars John Robins, Sophie Willan, Nick Mohammed and Joanne McNally to find the best, snazziest hollow item for a brand-new prize task.

While Joanne went for a straightforward approach with a sparkly boot full of chips and John bought a Fabergé egg from the Internet to deliver a dark message to Greg, Nick gifted him the soundtrack of 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow and Sophie glued glitter on a shell.

steve pemberton on taskmaster episode 7
Avalon - Channel 4

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Sophie's "glittery conch" immediately showed its five-point potential, though it certainly looked like Steve had put a lot of effort into tricking Greg into being a part of his own prize task.

The Inside No. 9 actor chose to present "a snazzy hollow promise," showing a clip of Greg agreeing he'd dress up as a minotaur for the stag do of a fan called Ben.

As Greg revealed, he didn't participate in any pre-wedding celebration as he had "no intention" to.

greg davies in taskmaster episode 7
Avalon - Channel 4

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"I have absolute contempt for the general public," Greg joked, asking: "Did someone bribe me into this?"

"It was the director who was contacted by Ben's mother who sent him an email," Steve said, with the screengrab of an email from a Kat Zipser appearing on the screen.

Steve revealed himself as Kat Zipser, explaining the name was an anagram of "prize task".

"It's a very clever idea," a stunned Greg conceded, but not even Steve's committed word play could beat Sophie's glittery conch, which ended up winning the five points.

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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