Taskmaster star comes up with unique use for carrot

an image of sophie willan laughing on taskmaster
Taskmaster star has unique use for carrotChannel 4

Taskmaster spoilers follow.

Taskmaster star Sophie Willan came up with a unique use for a carrot as she truly thought outside of the box – and it was a moment that didn't even air on the main show.

Tonight’s (April 25) episode once again saw the five contestants – Sophie, John Robins, Steve Pemberton, Nick Mohammed and Joanne McNally – once again take on a variety of challenges.

However, to promote the show, the contestants have been taking part in a social media-only task to remind viewers to tune in live – involving some paper, a sharpener, a pot of ink and a carrot. The end goal was to write a message, with the most 'beautiful' writing securing the maximum amount of five points.

This week was Sophie's turn, and rather than whittling the carrot down in order to fit into the pot, she opted for a more blunt approach, tipping the ink on the table before using a full carrot to write.

an image of sophie willan laughing on taskmaster
Channel 4

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As Sophie began to write "watch brand-new Taskmaster tonight" across several pages, she eventually tried to scrap her message, saying that "beauty takes time" as she prioritised "patience and precision".

Several fans commented on Sophie's innovative tactic, with one viewer writing on X/Twitter: "Perfection's queen, but tardy too. Sophie's pen, beauty true. #Taskmaster's quirks shine through!"

"I've been waiting for someone to dump out the ink I should have known Sophie would deliver" added another fan, whilst another wrote: "Loving the new series. I get a vicarious pleasure, too, out of watching Greg and Alex trying to stifle a titter."

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Meanwhile, in the main episode, there was also an amusing moment for Ted Lasso star Nick, who tied himself into a knot – literally – as he struggled to shift across a room whilst strapped to a bed, with his tactic leading to hilarious scenes.

The contestants were also challenged to take the most dramatic photo of them whilst in mid-air (a task which did not go well for Nick, who slid into a series of tyres and got Alex to roll him into two piles of cans).

They also had to bear the most "impressive load" whilst standing on the doormat outside the front door of the Taskmaster house. Nick fared better at this task, balancing a large parasol umbrella on his chin while sitting on top of both Linda the Taskmaster cow and the doormat.

Thursday night's (April 25) episode was won once again by John, making it his third consecutive nightly win. The first two episodes were won by Inside No.9 star Steve, meaning the two are streets ahead in the overall standings.

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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