Taskmaster’s Alex reveals how classic task changed his breakfast

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Ever wondered what's the point of any of the Taskmaster tasks? A documentary is now going behind the scenes of the show to investigate the most puzzling challenges and spilling the show's secrets.

While arguably wanting any of the bizarre tasks of the show to make any sense would miss the point entirely, Greg Davies and Alex Horne seemed determined to explain what the programme is all about in Taskmasterclass.

Aired tonight (June 6) on Channel 4, the doc saw Greg and Alex looking back on a specific challenge from series 9, aired in 2019, with Alex revealing it has changed the way he eats his eggs.

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Back then, the contestants were called to come up with the most accurate and inventive egg timer for Alex to boil an egg for Greg, who just so happens to like his "runny, but not too runny".

Jo Brand got those sweet five points as she helped Alex achieve the perfect egg texture for the Taskmaster's breakfast. Jo asked Alex to phone her so she could sing William Blake's hymn 'Jerusalem' to him during her drive back home, proving that the song runtime was just right to get that runny-yet-not-too-runny yolk.

In the voiceover, Alex revealed he still thinks about Jo and her 'Jerusalem' rendition whenever he boils an egg to this day.

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Jo's timer proved more effective and decidedly more manageable for Alex than Ed Gamble's snack-based approach or Katy Wix's water dripping torture. Ed asked Alex to dress up like an egg and eat a variety of small snacks ranging from Maltesers to grapes to amount to six minutes only to end up with a hard-boiled egg.

"I don't remember this fondly," Alex said in the commentary, adding he felt "awful" and "so full".

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series and documentary Taskmasterclass.

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