Taskmaster airs "worst attempt" at a task in the show's 17 seasons

greg davies and alex horne on taskmaster season 17
Taskmaster airs "worst attempt" at a taskChannel 4

Taskmaster season 17 spoilers follow.

Taskmaster's Greg Davies was less than impressed with Steve Pemberton and Nick Mohammed's joint efforts for a fruit-based team task.

The duo were up against the gang of three made up of Sophie Willan, Joanne McNally and John Robins in tonight's (May 16) episode of Taskmaster. The brand-new team task revolved around a watermelon located in the garden being put on a table in an indoor room without the players being able to exit and re-enter the house.

Not only did Steve and Nick manage to smash the fruit, they also broke all the rules listed by Alex Horne in the process.

greg davies and alex horne on taskmaster season 17
Channel 4

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The Ted Lasso star proceeded to jump on the outside stage despite it being specifically stated they couldn't, while Steve hit the fruit with a brick, causing it to land on the stage, breaking yet another rule. Meanwhile, Nick continued winking at Alex every time he managed to work the word "umbrella" seamlessly into the conversation, as instructed by the episode's bonus task.

The Inside No 9 actor threw the remains of the watermelon into the room as none of them were allowed back in, but only a small piece of the smashed fruit actually landed on the table.

Greg didn't mince his words when he announced theirs was the "worst attempt" at a task he'd ever seen throughout the 17 seasons of the show. And it seems the fans of the comedy programme agreed, with some taking to Twitter/X to comment on the two comedians' chaotic execution.

nick mohammed on taskmaster season 17
Channel 4

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"Steve, Nick and the watermelon. Most inept #Taskmaster task ever?" one person noted, with another praised their attempt to complete the challenge, writing: "Well, the watermelon was (fleetingly) on the table..."

Finally, Greg magnanimously gave 2 "bonus points" to Nick and Steve for the secret task, while awarding the rival team with five points.

Taskmaster airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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