Tanja Ebert's family fly into Adelaide from Germany as search for their daughter continues

The family of missing mother Tanja Ebert is due to fly into Adelaide from Germany on Thursday evening as the search for her body continues.

A second day of extensive searching on the Ebert family's Mannahill sheep station has failed to find any sign of Tanja.

Missing woman Tanja Ebert. Source: 7 News

With the help of a mining expert from the Environment Department, a search team has looked at 20 wells and mines using a special camera that is lowered into water.

A mining expert is assisting in the search operation. Source: 7 News

The team returned to the property on Wednesday, believing Ms Ebert had been murdered and her body dumped down a shaft on the massive 410 square kilometre property.

Police say they always expected the search would be tough going and that the search team are still confident of finding Ms Ebert.

The search will continue on Friday with extra resources including mounted police.

Twenty wells and mines have been searched to no avail. Source: 7 News

While they scour the property, Tanja Ebert's husband - and suspected killer - will be farewelled at a funeral service after he took his own life two weeks ago.

Police are still confident they will find Ms Ebert. Source: 7 News

It is understood that Ms Ebert's mother and other loved ones from Germany will be there.