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Talks to bring back Manx village's only cardboard recycling service

Laxey lost its cardboard recycling after continuing problems with incorrect disposal

Residents of an Isle of Man village have been urged by a local authority to recycle responsibly or risk losing a cardboard disposal service for good.

The free-of-charge service provided by AskBuck Recycling was withdrawn from Laxey this month after complaints that containers had been contaminated with items including nappies and plastics.

Garff Commissioners confirmed it was open to a trial return of the service.

But a spokesman said this would depend on people "recycling responsibly".

The authority agreed to try and negotiate the return of the service at a meeting on Wednesday and to consider a campaign to encourage people not to dispose of waste incorrectly.

The facilities on Glen Road were the only place where domestic households could recycle cardboard in the entire parish of Garff until the service was withdrawn.

Problems with contaminated waste had been reported by the contractor for several years, and despite the erection of new signs, behaviour had not improved, the commissioners' spokesman said.

"We are going to have to try and educate the public, if they don't they're going to lose the services unfortunately", he added.

This could see more messaging on social media as well as new signs, but the commissioners would consider their options at a future meeting, the spokesman said.

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