Taliban says it can beat IS in Afghanistan

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A senior Taliban official has claimed that the Islamic State group does not pose a threat in Afghanistan and the Taliban have the capacity to restrain them.

"Daesh (Islamic State) is not dangerous because the idea of Daesh is hated among the people and no Afghan supports them," local broadcaster TOLOnews quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying on Monday.

Mujahid currently serves as deputy minister of information and culture in the Taliban's new regime.

His comments come after reports emerged that IS claimed responsibility for recent bombings in eastern Afghanistan via its propaganda mouthpiece Amaq News Agency.

At least three people were killed and more than 20 others, including Taliban fighters, were wounded in a series of bombings in Jalalabad city in the past two days.

Another Taliban spokesman, Bilal Karimi, told the DPA news agency on Sunday that they have arrested a number of "rioters and mutinous" people in connection to the attacks.

Karimi admitted that one of the attacks had targeted a Taliban military vehicle.

The Taliban and IS have fought against each other in the past.

The Taliban overthrew the international-backed Afghan government last month and re-established its "Islamic Emirate" after nearly 20 years.

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