IT system causes SA blood test delays

South Australians may be waiting a little longer than usual for their blood test results

A new pathology IT system has caused delays in blood test results across South Australia's health network, prompting concerns for patient care.

SA Health said the delays largely stem from complex data entry requirements with the new Enterprise Pathology Laboratory Information System.

Deputy chief executive Don Frater said a task force would review the test delays and 30 extra staff would be hired to bring wait times down to normal levels.

"We know timely test results are essential in providing prompt and appropriate care for patients, and these delays have the potential to impact the level of care being provided," Mr Frater said in a statement on Wednesday.

"Following feedback from clinicians, the task force will also review the reporting format for the test results and if any errors have occurred as a result.

"In the interim, all urgent tests are being prioritised and an action plan has been developed by SA Pathology to improve the timeliness of pathology test results for doctors."

Mr Frater expected wait times to return to normal in the coming weeks.