Sydney zoo seal pup to make public splash

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The first long-nosed fur seal born at Sydney's Taronga Zoo in more than two decades is ready to make a public splash.

New pup Birubi made her official debut at Taronga's Seal Bay exhibit this week, three months after coming into the world.

Seals can't swim when they are first born so Birubi has been practising off display in a purpose-built pupping nursery with an adjustable floor.

Senior keeper Lindsay Wright said she had grown in confidence and weight - up from three kilograms to 7.5 kilograms - and was now ready to join the main pool.

"She's such a little firecracker. She's got so much personality," she said.

Birubi was born on December 21 to first-time mum Keke, a rescue seal found swimming in circles in Sydney harbour.

"We think she might have been hit by a boat. She came to our Taronga Wildlife Hospital for rehabilitation," Ms Wright said.

"She got very used to humans so we couldn't release her back to the wild. She's been here for approximately nine years."

Ms Wright said guests in coming days and over the Easter holidays may witness Birubi take her first swim, but advised people to arrive early.

"The best time to see her will be in the morning hours," she said.

"She is still a tiny little baby so she will need some rest time in the afternoon."