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Sydney woman cops disgusting comment while parking at popular beach: 'Literally shaking'

Australian model and influencer Lizzie Cao has shared her racist experience in Maroubra on Tiktok.

Video transcript

LIZZIE CAO: Actually shaking. Oh, my god. OK, so I'm in Maroubra right now because I thought, oh, it'd be nice to have a little thrifting day. And I'm in a really small parking lot. And this lady, who's clearly been in the parking lot waiting for a spot, is kind of blocking the entrance. So I go around her. And I'm just waiting at the end of the parking lot. And then I see a car one spot behind me, someone's about to move out. They put all their shopping in and everything. And then I start blinking because I was like, oh, great, I found a spot.

And then as the car pulls out I'm starting to reverse, she comes right behind me and starts beeping at me. And then she pulls around and rolls a window down. And I explain, I'm just like, hey, sorry, like I already put my indicator on. I was waiting for the spot first. And then she proceeds to be like, but I got here before you. And I was like, yeah, you may have got here before me but I claim the spot first, like I put my indicators on.

And I can't believe she was like, just like this country, I got here first. Like, I-- I am Australian. Like my background is full Chinese, but I just didn't think in this day or age, like, racism could hit so hard. It was just such a confronting experience.