Sydney Water fined $185k for sewerage leak

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Sydney Water has been convicted and fined $185,000 for failing to clean up sewage pollution in a creek and bushland in Sydney's south.

Approximately 57,000 litres of untreated sewage leaked from a Sydney Water maintenance hole at Bangor in September 2018, causing considerable harm to the creek and surrounding environment.

The clean-up of the raw sewage was not completed for more than four weeks.

In the NSW Land and Environment Court, Justice Rachel Pepper blasted the company's response, saying it was "a wholly dilatory and inadequate clean-up effort".

She convicted Sydney Water of breaching its environment protection licence and of failing to comply with a clean-up notice issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Sydney Water pleaded guilty to both offences.

Sydney Water was also ordered to pay the EPA's investigation costs of more than $10,000, plus legal costs, and to publicise its convictions in the Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Telegraph and a local newspaper, as well as on social media.

Sydney water has now been prosecuted for seven offences against the environment protection legislation since mid-2019.

More prosecutions against the company are currently before the courts.