Sydney teenagers targeted in new anti-terror initiative

Sydney teenagers attracted to radical Islam will be targeted to try to stop them becoming home grown terrorists.

The State Government is giving our public schools a share of $50 million for anti terrorism support including staff training and specialist help.

There will also be a hotline for worried parents and 5 expert teams concentrating on certain schools.

Long before a 15-year-old boy shocked Australia with a murder-suicide mission at Police Headquarters and before his teenage friends were arrested for it we saw this- "You're never to young to be a soldier for Kalifah!"

A 6-year-old, among other children, taught to reject Australian democracy at a Muslim youth group meeting in Lakemba.

At the 2012 Hyde Park Riots a little boy held up a sign talking up beheading and in March two teenagers were intercepted on their way to fight in Syria.

All just children and finally, the government is addressing it at grass roots.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said: "We are determined to do everything we possibly can to protect the community and keep our kids safe."

Under the $47 million plan:

1. Specialist teams of psychologists and support workers will develop strategies with problematic schools.

2. Educators and community workers will be trained to identify 'at risk' youth.

3. Funds will also target social cohesion fostering a united community through sport and mentoring

4. A hotline will be established, for concerned parents.

Mr Baird added: "In our schools, in the community, in families everyone's got a role."

Mike Baird. Photo: 7 News
Mike Baird. Photo: 7 News

The head of Parramatta Mosque where baby-faced terrorist Khaled Mohammad prayed has been demanding action.

Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi said: "It's very important to work on years 7,8 and 9 because year 10 he's already made up his mind."

Greg Barton from Deakin University said: "You can spot those signs early move in early, you can do a lot of good "

Forensic psychologists agree but suggest it's a waste of money targeting those already walking down that dark path.