Sydney syndicate shares in massive Powerball prize: 'I'm in shock'

The group held one of the two Division One winning entries splitting $50 million between them.

Ten lucky Sydneysiders have suddenly become multimillionaires, each taking out a slice of Thursday's mega $100 million jackpot.

The mammoth draw saw two Division One winning tickets split the $100 million prize— a syndicate from Rosebery in inner Sydney and a single player in Victoria.

The Sydneysiders were part of a 10-share store syndicate, called Super Lucky, meaning each member scored $5,077,673.41 each after splitting their $50 million Powerball prize evenly.

One of the men was watching the footy when he learned of the life-changing news. Unable to believe it, the Rosebery man cheered, "Holy s***! Holy s***!' through the phone when The Lott phoned him on Thursday evening.

Powerball ticket.
There were two winning tickets in Thursday's $100 million Powerball draw. Source: The Lott

"Are you serious? I’ve won $5 million? I’m in shock. You’ve changed my life," he said "I can’t wait to call my mum and tell her the news – she won’t believe me."

Another member of the winning group admitted he was "dumbfounded” by his Powerball bounty. "This is unbelievable," the Sydneysider exclaimed admitting his wife was crying.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1420 on Thursday 3 August 2023 were 13, 7, 18, 1, 23, 25 and 33. The all-important Powerball number was 7.

Mystery Victorian takes out second Division One win

The other new-found multimillionaire is a mystery player from Victoria who also held a winning Division One entry. However, the winner doesn't yet know they're $50 million richer as lottery officials do not have complete contact details to reach them.

The Lott spokesperson Anna Hobdell said someone’s life has no doubt changed forever — they simply don't know it.

people cheering after lotto win.
Thursday night's $100 million Powerball draw saw two winning tickets. Source: The Lott

"Imagine going to bed tonight not knowing you’ve just won $50 million? That’s the reality for one Victorian player after scoring a slice of the division one prize in tonight’s Powerball draw!" she exclaimed.

"While the Victorian entry was purchased online, unfortunately, we don’t have their complete contact details, so we are unable to make a mind-blowing phone call to them this evening."

The Lott is encouraging everyone in Victoria to check their tickets because they might just be Australia's newest multi-millionaire.

"While we are unable to confirm the win with tonight’s winner, we can guarantee that when they discover the news, it’s sure to be met with a hefty mix of shock and excitement!" the company said.

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