Sydney sword attacker said he loved woman

A real estate agent made growling noises when arrested after a drug-fuelled attack on two women, hitting one with a samurai sword.

Hours later in a Sydney hospital, Karl Adon Howard told police: "I am really worried about the girls. Are they okay, are they okay?"

"I am in love with one of them," he said, before breaking down crying and mumbling.

Footage of the arrest and the hospital interview were shown in the Downing Centre District Court at the 46-year-old's judge-alone trial on Friday.

Howard has pleaded guilty to assaulting one woman, causing actual bodily harm, and to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to the second woman at his Annandale home in the early hours of February 8, 2021.

He denies the more serious charges of grievous bodily harm with intent to murder, and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Crown prosecutor Kenneth Magnus has declined to accept his guilty pleas, meaning the issue for the judge is whether Howard had intent to harm.

A court previously heard the women were at Howard's home for an informal gathering involving drinking and watching television.

Howard was said to have ingested Viagra, cocaine, valium and to have run and skipped through the property saying: "I want to keep drinking. I don't want to go to sleep."

He allegedly hit one woman in the face with his elbow, before putting his hand around the throat of the second woman, trying to kiss her, and punching her on the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

He then allegedly brandished a samurai sword and swung it at the second woman, hitting her on the arm as she put it up to defend herself and causing a deep laceration.

Mr Magnus on Friday tendered the statement of one woman, while Judge Antony Townsden rejected the tender of the statement from the woman who was hit with the sword.

When the judge suggested she could give evidence remotely from her home with a support person present, Mr Magnus said the issue was not being in court in front of the accused.

Rather, she would not give evidence as reliving the events would be traumatic and cause her undue stress and anxiety and worsen her medical condition.

The judge noted that to a large extent there was a significant degree of consistency between the statements of the two women.

"I do not think there is any issue about what occurred," he said.

"The only issue is whether the Crown can establish the requisite intent."

After the attack, CCTV footage played in court showed Howard, barefoot, wearing shorts and a t-shirt in a laneway near his home.

He lifts the cover on the back of a ute and crawls under it, where he can be seen occasionally moving.

Police body-worn video showed Howard on the ground, surrounded by police.

He is struggling and kicking while making grunting noises as one officer is heard on the radio referring to a "psychotic episode".

Video was also shown of Howard in a hospital bed, when notes of earlier police questions and his answers are read to him.

He mostly replies "no comment" but at the end said: "I don't know what happened."

He says he is really worried about the girls and asks if they are okay.

One detective replied "they are alive" while the other adds "but with some very serious injuries".

Howard again refers to being worried and says "I am in love with one of them" before the detective tells him he cannot have any contact with them.

After reading over the notes, Howard breaks down and sobs, muttering and saying "Oh God".

The judge will hear addresses from the Crown and the defence on Monday.

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