Sydney shooting spree suspect granted bail

A man with an "extensive criminal history" accused of carrying out a raft of firearm offences in Sydney has been granted conditional bail, a court has heard.

Joshua Goddard, 31, appeared on Thursday via audio-visual link at the NSW Supreme Court, where he was granted bail by Justice Dina Yehia.

"I'm satisfied that the proposed (bail) conditions can mitigate the risks," Justice Yehia told the court.

In the brief hearing, the court was told Goddard faced multiple firearm offences, including discharging a firearm with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, possessing a loaded firearm and recklessly firing at a dwelling house.

The court heard the charges related to three Sydney incidents - a shooting at Lucas Heights on March 29, 2020, a shooting at Bexley, and a shooting at Caringbah, where two rounds were allegedly fired into a bedroom window.

In granting bail, the judge noted Goddard had been on remand awaiting trial since April 2020, and that his trial had been pushed back until June next year.

The judge also pointed to Goddard, who has a traumatic brain injury, not being able to undertake "comprehensive" rehabilitation while in custody.

Additionally, Justice Yehia took into consideration the strength of the Crown case, which she said "cannot be described as strong or overwhelming".

The court heard that evidence against Goddard was mostly electronic material, CCTV footage, text messages and call charge records.

In relation to the alleged Caringbah shooting, evidence relied on by the Crown was similar clothing and shoes on CCTV to that associated with Goddard.

On whether Goddard posed an unacceptable risk on bail, the judge conceded he had an "extensive criminal history" including serious offences.

She also said he had a history of non-compliance with court orders and noted that he committed the alleged offences while on parole.

Justice Yehia described Goddard's bail conditions as "very onerous" and as essentially amounting to home detention.

Conditions imposed on Goddard included abstaining from drugs and alcohol, not using a smart phone or encrypted messaging services and the payment of a $10,000 surety.