Child killer's mother speaks out after her son walks free without supervision

Evan Batten

The grief-stricken family of slain Sydney schoolgirl Chloe Hoson is suffering fresh torment as self-confessed killer Timothy Kosowicz enjoyed his first days of freedom.

A major Seven News investigation tracked Kosowicz as he moved freely around Australia.

Chloe's family is furious that 15 years after her senseless death, they were not told he would be out on the streets with no supervision.

Timothy Kosowicz filmed with his mother in Victoria. Source: 7 News

Chloe Hoson was just five years old when she went missing one Friday afternoon in November 2003 at Lansvale Caravan Park, south of Sydney.

Dozens of SES volunteers and police searched for hours, but Chloe had not gone far.

Her love of cats lured her into Kosowicz's caravan, where he says she knocked over his bowl of drugs, sending the violent schizophrenic into a rage.

Chloe Hoson was only five years old when she died. Source: 7 News
Kosowicz was found not guilty due to mental illness. Source: 7 News

In his attempt to suffocate her with plastic shopping bags, Kosowicz later told police he bungled her death and she did not die quickly.

He was found not guilty of her murder due to mental illness in 2005.

Kosowicz recently stepped off a flight from Sydney to Melbourne as a free man for a week-long holiday with his parents in country Victoria.

Released but without supervision, his mother said she was confident things were under control, with special phone numbers saved to her mobile if he became violent again.

Kosowicz on a recent shopping trip with his mother in Victoria. Source: 7 News

"If I can't get to the phone in time, I knock him out myself," Colleen Kosowicz admitted.

She told 7 News she believed it was a "safe" system and that she was responsible for her son's supervision.

Asked what she would say to Chloe's mother given the chance, Colleen said: "Honestly, I don't know. I can say, I'm so sorry."

Her son is now back in hospital, but could be out again at any time and is free to go anywhere.

Chloe Hoson's mother contacted Seven News when she learned of Kosowicz's freedom and will break her silence in an exclusive interview with Seven News on Tuesday night.