Sydney resident's brutal note to neighbours after $120 DoorDash theft

A "delightfully passive-aggressive" post was left for neighbours after one resident's $120 DoorDash order was stolen.

Someone on Reddit shared the post which was left on the building's forum for all to see and it basically asks for reimbursement for the stolen food.

The redacted version of the post was signed by "nice guy" who "went hungry".

The nice guy said someone "inadvertently" claimed his DoorDash on a redacted date after it was delivered.

"If you happened to be the one who accidentally claimed my order as yours, given it cost me $120, l'd love you to get in touch pronto and arrange reimbursement," they said.

"If you can do this in the next day or two, I'd really appreciate it. It will save us all a lot of time...."

Pictured is a DoorDash delivery bag
A man had his $120 DoorDash order stolen by someone in his building. Source: AAP, file

He said just paying back would save the "nice guy" having to bother someone, who was "already overworked dealing with the theft packages from people who don't reside in the building", to get CCTV footage of the DoorDash theft.

The "nice guy who went hungry" went on to say the footage would be timestamped and very clear, meaning whoever took the order would be identified.

After the alleged thief is identified, the nice guy would then have to write up a report and make a formal complaint to the police.

"It just sounds like such a massive waste of time for so many people just for you to ultimately have to pay for the dinner you enjoyed that I paid for," they said.

Apparently, the DoorDash delivery person is a "lovely guy" and has been very helpful and the nice guy was clearly looking forward to his meal.

Pictured is the neighbour's note which they wrote after their food was stolen
The neighbour's note was shared to Reddit and many people understood the frustration. Source: Reddit

"That Wasabi Wagyu Beef and the Salt Pepper Prawns are personal favourites. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!" he said.

The nice guy said he was willing to dismiss the actions of the thief as an innocent or drunken error if the $120 was returned.

Most people on Reddit were very impressed with the forum post, with many thinking it was completely justified.

"I solemnly stand by you brother/sister. No one should get away with stealing another man/woman's Wasabi Wagyu beef and salted pepper prawns," someone said in the comments.

"If I had $120 worth of food stolen I'd be beyond hangry," another person said.

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