Sydney pedophile teacher convicted again

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A convicted pedophile and former art teacher at a Sydney northern beaches high school has been found guilty of another charge of sexual assault on a teenage student.

Peter Wayne Scott, 71, was found guilty in a judge-alone trial of having sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old boy in December 1984. But he was acquitted of a charge of supplying the student with a stupefying drug to commit the assault.

The art teacher at Cromer High School in the 1980s took many of the male students under his wing, collecting them in his blue Toyota Van to go surfing.

Scott also ran B Sharp Productions producing videos for bands including Mental As Anything.

He would purchase alcohol for the students and supply them with cannabis, smoking together in his van on a weekly basis.

The victim said he looked up to Scott "in a big way" as his own father was a rigid man and not encouraging of his singing, dancing or acting.

One afternoon Scott was driving the student home and asked if he masturbated, suggesting he should, and inquired if he was a virgin.

Another evening in December Scott took the boy to see a band in the city, before he drove them to a beach car park where they shared a joint.

Unlike other times, the victim said this joint made him feel light-headed and was told to lie down in the back of the vehicle.

The next thing he recalls is Scott rubbing his upper thigh, while he remained shocked and "frozen" before he was sexually assaulted.

Eventually he moved or shuffled to show he was awake, and Scott said something along the lines of: "It's OK. It'll get better next time, it's OK."

He then drove him home as the sun was rising, he recalls.

Extremely embarrassed and ashamed, he never spoke to anyone about the incident until July 2018 at a charity event.

The victim and his friends had become aware of other allegations against Scott, and he opened up saying: "I'm one of Peter's victims".

A friend present gave evidence at the trial that he asked the victim if he was OK and he responded "not really".

"I feel so ashamed. It's just f***ed up my life. I wanted to tell you guys for so long, but I couldn't. I felt so ashamed, like it was my fault," he recalled him saying before both men cried.

Scott in 2014 was jailed for at least seven-and-a-half years for drugging and sexually abusing a number of other students.

He abused and molested them in classrooms and storerooms, at his home near the beach and also in his van.

He will be sentenced again for this sexual assault at a later date.

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