Sydney neighbours 'going halves' in $3.3m Lotto win

A good neighbour can make life richer, but an amazing neighbour will win Lotto and go halves with you.

This was the case for two western Sydney friends, who have been buying lottery tickets together for two years.

The pair hit the jackpot over the weekend and set the bar impossibly high for friendly neighbourhood expectations — discovering they've won a multi-million dollar prize pool on a shared ticket.

Lotto ticket and keys held up in front of house.
The Sydney neighbours will share the winnings. Source: The Lott

The neighbours made a pact that they would split the winnings if either of them won, making it both of their lucky days.

$1.6 million richer each

The friends couldn't believe their luck when they checked their ticket on Saturday night — finding they are $3,333,333.34 richer between them.

The winners admitted they were nervous before checking the "life-changing" ticket.

"I haven’t slept since Saturday! I am so excited," one of the lucky winners told lottery officials.

“We both had knots in our stomachs when we checked the ticket on Saturday night.

“We just kept checking it over and over again and really thought this could not happen to us!"

Two men looking at a phone looking very excited. (Getty file picture)
The winning ticket was bought online. Source: Getty (file picture).

One of the winning men told lottery officials he's going halves with his neighbour, adding they've spent a lot of time discussing what they'd do if they won.

“It’s incomprehensible! It’s life-changing in so many ways," he said.

The men described their win as "magnificent," with them set to receive more than $1.6 million each,

“We’re going to buy a new house!” he declared.

“We won’t have a mortgage, and I will be able to retire a lot earlier" they continued. “It will be incredible to know that my salary will not be going to a mortgage."

“I am so happy with my life and what I have, but this will just make things so much easier and it will be the same for my neighbour as well!”

More Saturday Lotto winners

The NSW neighbours weren't the only ones to hit the jackpot this weekend.

It was a lucky Saturday in Morwell, Victoria with a $3.3 million TattsLotto division one syndicate win, resulting in 10 locals pocketing $334,365.53 each.

Morwell Lottery Centre owner Ray Burgess described the win as "sensational", adding he was excited 10 of his customers would be sharing the win.

"Especially because it’s not just one of our customers who have won, but 10 who will be sharing this amazing prize,” Mr Burgess explained.

“The majority of these winners are locals and regulars and so this just makes us so happy.

We’ve been delivering this exciting news to many of the syndicate winners this morning. They have all been absolutely blown away by the news and no doubt will plan a group celebration."

An Indooroopilly man in Brisbane also had a multi-million-dollar Saturday Gold Lotto, describing his $3.3 million dollar win as "magical".

“I am so overwhelmed," he told The Lott. “I just cannot stop keep laughing – this is hilarious!

“You just never know when your day will come and today is my day! This is so incredible.

“I really hope the other five winners from the draw are having the best possible day like we are."

Winning ticket purchased online

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 4199 on October 16 were 27, 17, 2, 26, 7 and 38, while the supplementary numbers were 19 and 1.

Across Australia, there were six division one winning entries in Saturday Lotto draw 4199 — two from Victoria and Western Australia, and one each from New South Wales and Queensland.

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