Sydney mum refuses to keep $100K lottery win

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A Sydney mother whose dream was to win the lottery has said she won’t be keeping any of her winnings for herself.

The mum won first prize in the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw on Monday, taking home not only $100,000, but also a consolation prize of $1,000, taking her total prize to $101,000.

The daughter of the woman who won the prize explained her mother had been buying lottery tickets for years and she said it had always been her mother’s dream to “win Lucky Lotteries”.

“She’s enjoyed buying tickets every few weeks throughout her life, but she’s in an aged care home and isn’t able to get to a newsagency anymore,” the daughter said, adding since her mother has been in the home she and her sister have been buying the tickets for their mother.

The daughter said she was in disbelief when she scanned the ticket and saw her mother had won.

“I made my sister check it and we almost cried from happiness,” the daughter said.

The Sydney mother won't be keeping any of the $100,000 for herself. Source: The Lott
The Sydney mother won't be keeping any of the $100,000 for herself. Source: The Lott

“We told our mum we won, and she was so happy! She couldn’t believe it’s actually happened.”

Despite it always being her dream to win the big prize, the mother doesn’t want to keep any of the money.

“All she wants is for us to share it, that’s what she’s always wanted. So my sister will have half and I will have the other half,” the daughter said.

“We will definitely buy something for mum. She deserves it.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Darling Park Newsagency on Sussex Street in Sydney and the team there are very excited for the “deserving winners”.

“They are very deserving, and we couldn’t be happier for them,” the team said.

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