'Very expensive lint': Mum's surprising find when cleaning out washing machine

A mother has paid an unfortunate price for forgetting to clear out her pockets before throwing her clothes in the washing machine.

The Sydney woman’s Bosch washing machine alerted her to an E18 error as she was doing her laundry on Sunday, indicating she needed to clean her filter.

When she did she made a truly upsetting discovery - a $50 note that had been shredded into dozens of tiny pieces.

Taking to a Facebook mum’s group with her unlucky conundrum, the mother opted to see the humorous side of the situation.

“My washing machine had an E18 error today so I cleaned out the lint filter. I have very expensive lint,” she wrote.

A shredded $50 note that was pulled from Sydney mother's washing machine filter.
Shredded pieces of the note were pulled from inside the washing machine. Source: Facebook

Many thrifty social media users took to the comment section to urge the woman to try and tape the note back together and then exchange it for an intact one at the bank.

Others were convinced the note was far beyond repair however, and argued there was no way any bank would be willing to replace it for her.

Some Facebook users claiming to be bank employees said they would refuse a customer’s request to swap the note if it was delivered to them in such a state.

Another person joked the post was clearly lying because “who has $50 by Saturday”.

If less that 20 per cent of a bank note is missing, it can be exchanged for its full value, according to the Reserve bank of Australia.

If between 20 and 80 per cent of the note is missing, then its owner can be paid the value in proportion with the percentage remaining.

Nothing will be paid if more than 80 per cent of the note is gone.

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