'Astounding': Shoppers baffled by motorist's 'parking spot'

We’ve all witnessed our fair share of bad parking but a motorist in Sydney’s inner west appears to have taken things to a whole new level with their car park mishap over the weekend.

Images of a silver 4WD from Marrickville’s Metro Shopping Centre car park were shared to a local community page on Saturday, prompting users to quickly label the location the driver had left their vehicle as the worst park they’d ever seen.

The car was positioned directly in the middle of the road, with valid parking spaces available directly in front and behind where it was left.

Dozens took to the post in sheer disbelief over the motorist’s actions.

The person sharing the post wrote: “I’ve seen a few posts about poor parking at the Metro, but I think I have a winner”.

The man described the park as “astounding”.

The driver left their vehicle in the middle of the road. Source: Facebook

“OMG – it’s actually on the road,” one person wrote.

“Hate to say it, but that person should have gone to Specsavers,” another said referencing the optician’s famous slogan.

“Oh hands down the best park... give that person an award,” one user sarcastically wrote.

“Outstanding,” another declared.

While bad parking regularly draws angry comments, there was some sympathy for the driver with many feeling the incident was merely an accident.

The car was clearly blocking the road. Source: Facebook

Several noted the positioning of a yellow line across the road near a pedestrian crossing may have confused the driver.

“They probably weren’t thinking and thought the additional line made it a parking spot,” one person noted.

“It’s between the lines. What’s the problem?” another joked.

Earlier this month, another driver was slammed for also creating a space that didn’t exist in WA.

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