Sydney model's disgusting discovery inside Audi

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A model and business owner had the fright of her life after making a terrifying discovery inside her car.

In a video posted to TikTok, Jess Davis, who founded the restaurant chain Mr Potato, tells her audience: “I can’t believe this has happened.”

“I haven't driven my car in three weeks and when we went to open it today, look what we have found, it’s f****d,” she said.

As she moves towards the vehicle, she warns viewers to "get ready for this".

Opening the car door, the camera pans inside to uncover mounds of mould enveloping the steering wheel, gear stick, seats, centre console and floor.

A mouldy steering wheel, gear stick and seat
After three weeks out of use, Ms Davis' car interior was covered with mould. Source: TikTok

“What the f**k,” Ms Davis says. “I just can’t even.

“I am growing a garden or rainforest inside of my car, and I don’t even know what to do with this right now.”

Her post on TikTok has since received almost 20,000 likes, with hundreds disgusted by the mouldy conditions.

“I didn’t even realise this was a possibility,” one person wrote, while another said, “RIP your Audi.”

“New fear unlocked,” a user added.

While someone else joked, “tell me you live in Sydney, without telling me you live in Sydney."

Mould a real danger to human health

With the harbour city set to be pelted by record-breaking rainfall this weekend, health experts are warning of the dangers of mould spores.

“People can develop a chronic lung fibrosis which will limit their respirator capacity and result in chronic breathlessness, and potentially death, as the fibrosis progresses,” associate professor Sonja Klebe, a lung disease specialist from Flinders University, previously told Yahoo News Australia.

One unlucky woman in Canberra knows those dangers all too well after doctors found mould spores growing on her lungs.

Caitlin Ross will live with permanent scarring in her lungs after coming into close contact.

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