How a Sydney mechanic saved this couple's engagement party

A simple mistake by the father of the bride almost ruined the engagement party, until a kind-hearted mechanic saved the celebration.

The day before her engagement party Bianca Alchi was wide awake at 3:30 am

“I had to pick up the flowers from the markets and deliver some to the cake store, then we picked up heaters and decorations,” Ms Alchi told Yahoo News Australia.

Bianca Alchi with her fiancee, Charles. The couple's engagement party nearly turned into a disaster after Ms Alchi's father filled up a ute with the wrong fuel. Source: Supplied/ Bianca Alchi

The bride-to-be wanted the day she celebrated her engagement to her fiancée Charles to be perfect, so she enlisted the help of her father to drive a borrowed ute around to pick up everything they needed for the day when disaster struck.

“My dad was unfamiliar with the ute he was driving and accidentally put unleaded fuel into the diesel engine,” she said.

Ms Alchi's father filled the ute with unleaded fuel. It needed diesel. Pictured is her engagement ring. Source: Supplied/ Bianca Alchi

Ms Alchi called local mechanic Ross Davidson who told her it would take him most of the day to fix the now useless ute.

“I told him that I had so much left to do before our engagement party and we needed a ute because we were picking up so much.”

She was shocked at what Mr Davidson said next.

“He said, ‘I don’t do this for anyone but you can borrow my ute,’ and he lent [it] to us,” she said.

“He made sure we knew it was unleaded,” she added, laughing.

Thanks to Mr Davidson’s kind gesture, Bianca and her fiancee managed to pull off the perfect engagement party and she wanted to make sure her hero knew it.

Ms Alchi with her partner. Source: AC Imagery

“His kindness completely saved my day and we got everything picked up and done!! Thanks so much again,” the happy bride gushed in a social media post.

“[There are] such good people out there!”

Ms Alchi told Yahoo News Australia that Mr Davidson even managed to fix the borrowed ute earlier than expected, saving her a “bride-zilla moment”.

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