Sydney man's remarkable determination to halt runaway boat

A man’s heroic attempt to bring his runaway boat to a halt in a suburban street has been caught on camera.

Remarkable CCTV footage shows the man attaching the vessel to a white 4WD along a Sydney road earlier this month before losing control of the situation.

The boat, mounted on a trailer, begins to roll back on the median strip, prompting the man to grab the trailer as he tries to stop it.

The man can be seen trying to attach the boat to the 4WD. Source: Reddit/ chrislaker92
The man tries his best to stop the boat rolling away. Source: Reddit/ chrislaker92

But the weight of the large boat is too much for him, dragging him along the grass and onto the road.

Yet the man’s determination sees him cling onto the trailer, failing to let go as it turns across the road and stops against the kerb.

The clip was uploaded to Reddit over the weekend and was quickly inundated with comments from users admiring the man’s efforts.

“His commitment is commendable,” user chrislaker92, who uploaded the clip, said.

The man continues to hold on as he’s dragged across the concrete. Source: Reddit/ chrislaker92

“He probably slowed the momentum down just enough to avoid a catastrophic ending,” another user wrote.

“He recovered like a true professional,” one comment read.

Others noted his body’s astounding resilience against the road’s surface.

“He’s the human brake pad, the world is his disc,” one person joked.

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