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Major mistake litterbug made while illegal dumping

An illegal dumper has been savaged for a major mistake while carelessly disposing of rubbish.

A picture posted to Reddit showed a large box sitting on a nature strip, but stuck to it was the name and address of the person the cardboard belonged to.

The box appeared to have contained a smart TV ordered from JB Hi-Fi and was delivered to Lilyfield in Sydney’s inner west.

The person who found the rubbish texted the number on the delivery sticker along with a picture of the box on the nature strip asking: “This yours?”

A passerby took a photo of a smart TV cardboard box on a nature strip in Sydney. Source: Reddit
The cardboard box was spotted on a nature strip in Sydney. Source: Reddit

They then sent another picture of a NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) poster urging people to dob in illegal dumpers.

One commented on the post the person who found it should send the pictures to the EPA.

“Don’t f***ing litter,” another said.

Others suggested it may have been an innocent mistake.

“If it were me I would just crush it up and put in my bin and maybe call the phone number on the box details to let them know what happened but I would not be calling council or the EPA,” one said.

“Dobbing people in for such small things is very unAustralian... if this was on purpose then sure cause trouble for them.”

A close-up of the cardboard box found in Lilyfield shows a sticker with the JB Hi-Fi customer's details. Source: Reddit
The cardboard box contained a sticker with the customer's details. Source: Reddit

The NSW EPA says on its website illegal dumping is a crime.

People who commit the offence can cop a $7500 on-the-spot fine if issued by the EPA, or $4000 if issued by another government body like council or police.

Corporations who illegally dump can be slapped with a $15,000 on-the-spot fine if issued by the EPA or $8000 if issued by council or police.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted the NSW Environmental Protection Agency for comment.

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