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Sydney influencer forced to leave $800pw apartment after secret discovered

A bikini designer from LA has taken to TikTok to reveal she had to leave her new apartment after it was discovered she had a dog.

Sophia Kim, the owner of Siempre Golden, had only been in her $800-a-week Sydney property for a fortnight when the building manager discovered her four-legged friend Cash.

She believes they “found out through cameras".

“The building is very crazy and they noticed I have a dog,” the 30-year-old told her TiKTok fans, claiming that her life “has been the most unstable it’s ever been".

Sophia Kim.
Sophia Kim says she was forced to leave her Sydney apartment because the building manager used cameras to find out that she had a dog. Source: Instagram (Instagram)

“I just moved here two weeks ago and I’m going to have to move out, and I’m going to have to be forfeiting four weeks of rent [$3,200] because that is what the breaking fee is when you leave a lease earlier than expected.”

The influencer went on to explain that she “wasn’t evicted” but “chose to break the lease” because she didn't want to give up her dog.

“I could have stayed but the dog would have to go,” she said.

In a second video, titled “life has been ruff lately", the American expat blamed the city’s tough property market for not disclosing her pet.

“When the rental market is so ridiculous in Sydney, so that you don’t declare your dog and then are forced to move out cause you have a dog.”

Since posting the videos, Ms Kim has received a backlash of comments from followers over her decision making.

“You did not have to move out because you have a dog, you failed to declare it,” one person wrote. “Pup is not your scapegoat.”

“If there’s a cause/by-law in your contract, it’s quite clear what’s allowed and what isn’t,” another said.

“Rules are rules, don’t like them, don’t break them, princess,” someone else said.

Sophia Kim and her dog Cash sitting down (left) and on a boat (right).
The TikToker says she chose to break the lease because she didn't want to give up her dog Cash. Source: Instagram/TikTok (Instagram/TikTok)

While others sympathised with Ms Kim.

“It’s really hard to find a rental that will allow dogs in Sydney,” one user said.

“I never understand why rentals allow kids and not pets,” another person wrote. “Kids make way more damage.”

“We were in this situation,” someone else explained. “Took us six weeks to find a place, so blessed that our real estate agent felt so bad for us because she had a dog.”

Missing jewellery the ‘cherry on top’

Amid the drama of looking for somewhere new to live, Ms Kim revealed that she is thousands of dollars out of pocket after her jewellery disappeared during her move to the Sydney apartment.

“Cherry on top is that $2,000 worth of my jewellery is missing,” she said

“It’s been really tough over the past few weeks.

“Times like this just make me feel more alone and like what am I doing here? It just makes me feel like I should just go back home.”

While Ms Kim has since moved into a new property, it hasn’t been without its problems.

In another video the influencer explained that on the day she was due to move, the removalists “ghosted her” and failed to show up,

At the last minute, she was forced to find a new company that was able to help the next day.

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