Sydney identity fined for casino entry

Rebekah Ison

A Kings Cross identity, who says he is "illiterate" and illegally entered a casino because he didn't know he was banned, has been fined $1500.

Bill Bayeh, 58, was on a good behaviour bond when he entered the Star Casino while on an exclusion order earlier this year.

Bayeh's lawyer on Wednesday told the court the businessman is illiterate and depends on others to explain documents to him.

In handing down a sentence, Magistrate Glenn Walsh said he believed the man, who spent 15 years in jail for drug trafficking, mistakenly thought the order had expired.

"He thought for some reason it would expire," Mr Walsh said at the Downing Centre Local Court.

"He now knows that's not true."

The court heard Bayeh didn't try to disguise himself as he entered the casino and handed his ID over when stopped.

But Mr Walsh found the Kings Cross businessman could have had someone accurately explain the order to him.

In April, Bayeh was given a 12-month bond for making threats involving a dildo to Geoffrey Edelsten's ex-wife Leanne Nesbitt in February 2015.

Earlier this year, he also pleaded guilty to hindering police, after he tore up a handwritten note of "numbers similar to a drug code" before being arrested.

The court on Wednesday heard Bayeh, who was depicted in Underbelly: The Golden Mile, had been trying to rebuild his life since being released from jail in 2011 but his Kings Cross business is suffering under the lockout laws.

He was also stopped at the casino about two years ago but thought his ban finished after court matters were finalised, the court heard.

In addition to the fine, Mr Walsh extended Bayeh's bond by six months.