Sydney father fined $180 for parking across own driveway

A shocked Sydney man has been slapped with a $180 fine and called a “serious offender” for parking across his own driveway.

Matt Burke from Ashbury parked his car across his driveway to stop others from blocking him in during busy school pick up and drop off times. Mr Burke lives opposite Ashbury Public School.

He was given a $180 fine from a council ranger. This is the same level of severity handed down to drivers who do not obey stop signs in school zones.

Mr Burke is outraged. Image: Facebook
Mr Burke is outraged. Image: Facebook

Mr Burke told Canterbury-Bankstown Express, “I have to pick up my son from preschool so I can't take the risk of leaving my car in my driveway because I've been parked in so many times."

Mr Burke contacted the NSW Office of State Revenue and was told leniency is inappropriate for a serious offence.

According to the Canterbury-Bankstown Express, a spokesman for the OSR said: "OSR may be more lenient if the client lived at the outer limit of the school zone, or the vehicle was parked during non-school zone times.

"However in this circumstance, the client lives across the road from the school, which represents a higher risk."

Under NSW law, a driver cannot park across a driveway, even if it’s their property, for longer than two minutes.