Sydney doctor 'groped and harassed nurse'

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A Sydney doctor who groped a nurse after asking for her house key and if he could be her "side boyfriend" has been found guilty of professional misconduct.

Dr Mahbub Hasan was also found guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct over incidents between February and May 2019 by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on Tuesday.

The doctor denies all accusations against him.

A medical tribunal in 2017 had already reprimanded Dr Hasan for similar conduct after he told a patient's daughter at Blacktown Hospital that he would "propose" had he not been married.

After touching her backside he volunteered his number for a possible "future fling," and later texted the woman "send me your face plz".

The Health Care Complaints Commission was again notified in 2019 of incidents involving Dr Hasan and a registered nurse at a Sydney private hospital's ICU department.

The doctor's first inappropriate encounter with the woman occurred after reviewing her patient, she said in evidence.

"Oh you so beauty, you so lovely," he said before asking "are you married?"

"Yes I am, I'm married," she responded.

"Can I be your side boyfriend?" Dr Hasan asked to which she responded: "No, no chance doctor".

He then put his arm across her waist and began "rubbing" her body.

On the same day he became locked out of a restricted area and the woman offered to swipe him in with her card, saying "I have got the key I can open for you".

"I want your house key if possible," he said in response, to which she laughed uncomfortably.

The next day the rubbing and touching of her waist continued and would occur at every opportunity he had, she said

At one point when a patient was speaking with Dr Hasan he began "poking" her feet under the table out of view.

Dr Hasan was "using his pen, poking my leg. Under the table so no one can see".

She then told a nursing colleague what happened and asked if she would sit with her "because this doctor ... is touching me".

In May 2019 during a long-term patient's birthday celebration Dr Hasan deliberately passed behind the nurse and "squeezed" her backside before she angrily batted his hand away.

She confronted him after her shift and he apologised, saying it would not happen again.

But later in front of other staff he changed his wording.

"Sorry, it was an accident, the room was crowded, what can I do to make it better?"

The woman appeared anxious straight after the "birthday" incident with tears in her eyes, and asked another person to stay with her, a colleague said in a statement.

Dr Hasan was also heard by another medical practitioner telling a different nurse to "f*** off" in anger, but denies this occurred too.

Associate Professor Peter Gonski said Dr Hasan played down the complaints in a subsequent meeting.

"He said they were basically overreacting. He was just being nice to them and that was the way that he communicated," Prof Gonski said.

"It was interesting because he showed no reaction to the problem. Did not feel anxious about it, was what we would call smooth, very smooth through the whole discussion."

The woman's husband eventually made a formal complaint of "boundary violation, discriminatory conduct, sexual misconduct," and the HCCC began its inquiry.

It found the nurse's complaints against Dr Hasan proven.

His employment and registration has since been suspended and a future hearing will establish whether protective orders need to be imposed.

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