Sydney dentist who preyed on elderly walks away smiling

Samantha Brett

A Sydney dentist has walked away with "a light slap on the wrist" after carrying out unnecessary procedures on elderly dementia patients.

Dentist and former deputy mayor of Hurstville Andrew Istephan pleaded guilty to assault charges in September.

That came on the back of being found guilty in 2013 for assault occasioning bodily harm on five elderly patients.

Istephan was accused of preying on the most vulnerable people in society in order to make quick buck.

He had filed several elderly patients teeth down and ordered unnecessary procedures on patients with dementia who did not give consent.

Shauna Forrest said Istephan's sentence was too light. Source: 7 News

The crown told the court Istephen "physically violated elderly patients for the simple reason – to make money".

He was handed a suspended 13-month sentence, laughing as the judge delivered it to the court.

The daughter of 85-year-old victim Betty Forrest, Shauna Forrest, said the dentist got off lightly.

"Andrew Istephan walks away smiling, his family walks away smiling and really he gets a very light slap on the wrist."

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