Sydney cyclist's audacious attempt to transport luggage

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A cyclist in Sydney’s east has surprised passers-by with his audacious attempt to transport two large items of luggage.

Footage captured in Vaucluse on Sunday shows the rider struggling to maintain stability on the road as he drags along a suitcase on wheels.

The man was also wearing a large travel backpack as he joined onto a busy New South Head Road, steering the bicycle with just one hand.

The man can be seen joining a busy main road in Vaucluse. Source: Supplied

Flabbergasted local resident Alex Barron told Yahoo7 News she was in disbelief over the man’s actions as she drove passed.

“He was struggling to get up the hill and was all over the place,” she said.

Ms Barron said she first spotted the rider coming up Hopetoun Avenue before her friend began filming.

“We had to pass with caution as he never looked in control,” she said.

Ms Barron said the man struggled to maintain stability. Source: Supplied
The cyclist continued along New South Head Road as a series of cars passed. Source: Supplied

“Once he joined the main road I was thinking he might cause something here.”

According to NSW law, a cyclist is legally allowed to have just one hand on the handlebars.

However the rider of a bicycle must not ride the bicycle negligently, furiously or recklessly.

If found guilty, a cyclist can face a fine of up to $2,200.

A Traffic and Highway Patrol Command spokesperson told Yahoo7 News that the cyclist’s actions most likely fell under the offence.

“Riders such as these pose a risk to themselves and other road users,” the spokesperson said.