Child clings to handlebars as man rides bike through tunnel

A man has been filmed cycling through a busy Sydney tunnel with a child seated in front of him.

Footage was shot by a passenger travelling towards the city through Lane Cove Tunnel on Saturday about 3pm, 7NEWS reported.

The child appeared to be sharing the same seat as the man and was leaning forward to hold onto the handlebars.

Dressed in a pale blue shirt and slim-fitting, camel-coloured shorts, the man was seen pedalling at speed as he dodged cars in the tunnel.

The man was pedalling at speed through the Sydney tunnel on Saturday afternoon. Source: 7NEWS

Police have appealed to the public to help identify the individual depicted in the video.

The man’s actions may fall under what NSW legislation deems “negligent or dangerous” riding, which can carry a fine up to $448.

“Riding a bicycle negligently means riding to endanger the life of yourself or others,” the Roads and Maritime Services website states.

Many social media users condemned the man’s potentially dangerous choice.

“Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to have kids! A great example of the old ‘nothing will happen to me’ way of thinking right there,” a Facebook user wrote.

The child was perched on the same seat as the cyclist and seen clinging to the handlebars. Source: 7NEWS

“Moronic parent of the year award goes to...,” another said.

Someone else added: “If you want to put yourself at risk by all means, but don't put a kid at risk.”

Anyone with information they believe may assist police can contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or online.

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