Half-baked idea: Pastry chef takes the cake with citizen arrest

A Sydney pastry chef has taken the cake for citizen arrests - using one to whack a runaway thug over the head when he tried to escape through her store.

Wairua Mauri-Oho Takarangi had the half-baked idea of fleeing police through Rainbow Cakes in Strathfield after punching a police officer.

Baker John Jung showing how Wairua Mauri-Oho Takarangi tried to run through the back of the cake shop, only to find no escape. Source: 7 News

But the 19-year-old wound up with egg on his face – along with cream and strawberries – when Julia Jung smashed him with a cream strawberry cake, one of the bakery's biggest selling hits.

"I just threw the cake," Ms Jung told 7 News.

No cream puff - Julie Jung takes on thug with a cake and wins. Source: 7 News

Baker brother John Jung has run the family cake shop for 15 years but this was the first time they had dealt with an intruder.

The cake to the face was enough to daze Takarangi long enough for police to arrive and tackle him to the ground.

The scuffle caused a bigger mess, leaving everyone covered in ingredients by the time Takarangi was in cuffs.

An unlikely weapon - Rainbow Cakes' popular cream strawberry cake. Source: 7 News
Egg on his face - Wairua Mauri-Oho Takarangi.

Four cakes were lost, along with 100 eggs and 13 litres of cream.

Takarangi was released on bail but the New Zealand national was forced to surrender his passport.