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Swindon film director looking for local collaborators on horror projects

A woman who writes, directs and produces horror films is looking for local collaborators.

Janine Pipe, from Swindon, is a lifelong horror fan and has previously used that passion to write books. But recently she has begun directing her own short films.

She is seeking local cast and crew to help with future projects.

Ms Pipe is currently working on her second short horror film, which is called Footsteps.

"Every author's dream is to have a book adapted for screen," said Ms Pipe.

"A few years ago, I decided to just do it myself. If you use your own determination and knowledge you can do anything."

She has been an author for years, but her first insight into the film industry came after she was commissioned by award-winning director Neil Marshall to write a book about the making of his film Dog Soldiers.

Ms Pipe was then inspired to write, produce and direct her debut film, called HER.

She says it was about a young woman waking up in a room tied to a chair. It was released earlier this year.

Her follow up, Footsteps, is in the early stages of production and is being executive produced by Neil Marshall.

Ms Pipe says that it is already fully cast and crewed, with five actors, four voice-over artists and 10 people behind the camera.

The 43-year-old would like to "create a platform" for other Swindon folk to get involved in roles including writing, acting, filming and producing.

So she has begun building a database.

So far she has received more than 200 messages, ranging from one from a 13-year-old, right up to someone in their seventies.

"I want to collaborate with people locally rather than travelling elsewhere," Ms Pipe said.

"I want Swindon's film industry to thrive and I would like to share my experience of film-making with a new generation of filmmakers."

Ms Pipe said that around 90% of the respondents so far had been aspiring actors.

"So anyone with set-making, production management, prop-building, SFX makeup training, costume-making, creature/puppet-making skills. Or camera ops, lighting gaffers, sound techs, even local businesses like cafes, takeaways, hotels offering discounts would be very useful," she said.

"It takes a village to make a film. Oh, and if there's anyone who want to be an investor and executive produce, then that's even better! Funding is always the hardest thing to do, especially for indie-genre stuff."

Ms Pipe grew up watching and enjoying horror films and literature.

"Horror is an escapism. You can shout at the screen and really lose yourself in it," said Ms Pipe.

She says that she enjoys the gore, likes to be scared and is always intrigued how they put the nastiest scenes together.

"I am living my dream and I want to help others access the film industry too," she said.

If you would like to get involved with Swindon's burgeoning horror movie industry please contact Janine Pipe with details of your skill set on

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