Swimming star on verge of homelessness


Australian swimming great Tracey Wickham says she's on the verge of being homeless.

The four-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist says she's broke, struggling to walk after a fall and a month away from being kicked out of her home on the Gold Coast.

Tracey Wickham was a darling of the pool.

Wickham, who retired from swimming at just 19 after being the sport's darling in the late 1970s and 80s, says she is "hanging on by a thread".

"At the moment, I'll either end up in my car or a caravan," Ms Wickham told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. I can't afford anything."

Tracey Wickham receives gold from the Queen.

A former world record holder in the 400m and 800m freestyle, Ms Wickham, 52, has had a troubled life outside the pool.

She has battled depression, a marriage breakdown and the death of her 19-year-old daughter Hannah from cancer in 2007.

Tracey Wickham is a four-time Commonwealth gold medallist.

She is currently suing the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane after injuring her back after allegedly slipping on tiles at the venue.

"I'm hanging on by a thread, it's not even dental floss thread, it's thinner," she said.

Tracey Wickham, aged 15, waves to fans after winning Commonwealth gold in 1978.