Swimming lessons get the doggy paddle treatment

Damien Smith

It's a big day for Cora.

The ten month old Rottweiler has never been for a swim. The stroke might start out a bit rough for little Cora, but soon enough she gets the hang of it.

Not all dogs take like ducks to water. Source: 7News

"She's settling down very nicely," K9 Swim's Sharon Osmond told 7News.

But not all pups take to the water so easily.

"This is why it's great to bring them here and give them confidence and get them going," Ms Osmond said.

Six-month-old Paz is still a little bit nervous. Before she started her lessons she was strictly a landlover.

Paz is getting more comfortable in the water. Source: 7News

"Oh, she needed a bit of help the first time, but after that it was easy," Paz's owner Gayle Hamilton told 7 News.

Ms Osmond said that just like children, it's important for owners to ensure their dogs are comfortable with the water.

"We've had three staffies in one family who moved to a new house. They had a swimming pool and they actually sunk to the bottom," she said.

Staff at K9 Swim help Paz out of the water. Source: 7News