Swedish prosecutor plans Nord Stream blasts decision

The prosecutor leading Sweden's probe into the Nord Stream gas pipeline blasts in the Baltic Sea in 2022 plans to announce a decision this week on whether to drop the case, press charges or request that someone is detained, his office says.

The statement confirmed an earlier report by Swedish daily Expressen.

It was not immediately clear which day an announcement would be made, a representative for the prosecutor's office said.

The pipelines transporting Russian gas to Germany were ruptured by a series of explosions in Swedish and Danish economic zones.

Sweden shortly after the incident said its investigation in the Swedish economic zone found traces of explosives on site, showing that sabotage had taken place.

It has not publicly identified any suspects.

Danish police, who are conducting their own investigation, declined to comment on Monday.

Russia has accused the United Kingdom and the United States of involvement in the blasts and has called for a "transparent international investigation".

Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 put Europe's reliance on Russian natural gas in the political spotlight, and the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines hastened the region's switch to other energy suppliers.