Sweden PM re-elected in parliament vote

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Swedish Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven has been re-elected prime minister by parliament, ending weeks of turmoil but leaving him to navigate a political landscape riddled with uncertainty heading into next year's election.

Lofven, 63, who resigned as PM last month after losing a no-confidence vote, has yet to find sufficient backing to pass a budget and has said he will resign again if he is unable to get one through parliament in the northern hemisphere autumn.

The former union boss has headed a fragile centre-left minority cabinet since the 2018 election which produced a nearly evenly split parliament and big gains for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, with whom several other parties refuse to deal.

While the vote was seen being extremely narrow, Lofven had been expected to avoid a majority voting against him, the prerequisite to be approved as prime minister by the Swedish Riksdag.

In the end, he avoided rejection by two votes in the 349-seat parliament.

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