Sweden to allocate record $1.2 billion military aid package to Ukraine, including reconnaissance aircraft

ASC 890 aircraft
ASC 890 aircraft

Sweden has announced its largest military aid package to Ukraine since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion - worth 13 billion Swedish crowns ($1.23 billion), the Swedish government said in its statement on May 29.

The package includes ASC 890 reconnaissance aircraft, armored vehicles, and other weapons.

The 16th military aid package includes the ASC 890 aircraft, providing Ukraine with "absolutely new aerial radar reconnaissance and combat control capabilities against targets in the air and at the sea", the Swedish government said.

Sweden will also transfer its entire stock of Pbv 302 armored personnel carriers to support the formation of new Ukrainian army brigades.

The package also includes Jaktrobot Rb 99 missiles – also known as RB 99-AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) in the USA, as well as 155-mm artillery ammunition, fuel transportation vehicles, satellite communication terminals, and resources necessary for the maintenance of previously transferred equipment.

The donation will cause a temporary reduction in Sweden's defense capabilities, which will be addressed by purchasing additional S 106 GlobalEye aircraft, armored vehicles, and missiles, the statement said.

Sweden has transferred 43.5 billion Swedish crowns ($4.1 billion) worth of aid to Ukraine in total, the report said.

The government recently adopted a long-term program to continue military support to Ukraine for SEK 75 billion ($7 billion) from 2024-2026.

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Sweden does not rule out the possibility of supplying Ukraine with its Gripen jet fighters, Defense Minister Pål Jonson said in March 2024. later adding that this plan was suspended to allow the F-16s to promptly enter into Ukrainian service.

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