'Swearing, conspiracy' in Sydney jury room

A juror among 12 deliberating for weeks in a child abuse trial has been accused of relying on a conspiracy story as another refuses to elaborate on his "serious doubts".

The conflict in the Sydney District Court jury room was revealed on Tuesday in the fourth week of deliberations in the trial of Paul Douglas Frost.

Jurors said they were unable to return unanimous verdicts on most of the 43 charges defended by the son of famed swim coach Doug Frost.

After receiving a direction that verdicts of 11-1 would be accepted, the alleged conduct of two jurors was detailed in notes to the presiding judge.

In a debate about one witness's evidence, a juror was using "conspiracy stories" that the police were being "pressured to make a good story" and to satisfy the media, a juror's note claimed.

Another juror was refusing to explain their reasoning for having doubts.

"These two jurors have wasted much of our time and mental energy. We are struggling to reason with these jurors," the note said.

A second note detailed the second juror's stance, saying the refusal to provide "any specifics on their doubts" began from the outset of deliberations began on October 21.

"I and others have attempted to engage (with the juror) to provide an explanation of what they think and why. All we have received is 'I have serious doubts'," the note said.

"We have no idea what they are, he refuses to elaborate.

"Said juror has sworn at me and consistently resorts to ad hominem (personal attacks)."

The author of the note said they told the male juror on Tuesday they would "love to hear" the juror's reasonable doubts.

After a period of silence, the male juror said: "If you're waiting on an answer, you'll be waiting a long time."

"It seems apparent said juror has not engaged in their duty," the note stated.

Judge Michael King said the two notes were significant.

He adjourned the matter to Wednesday morning to hear from counsel before advancing further.

The eight-week trial began on August 29. The jury went on verdict on October 21, deliberating for 16 days since then.

Paul Frost, whose father coached Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe, has pleaded not guilty to sexually abusing 11 students at a swim school in southwest Sydney in the 1990s and 2000s.

His lawyer said his client had denied doing such "terrible and awful things" as alleged, and that the 11 complainants represented a fraction of the thousands of children and young people Frost had worked with over decades.

The Crown says the 11 complainants gave compelling, truthful evidence and the suggestion of fabrication on their part "is so implausible it offends common sense".

The trial resumes on Wednesday.