Suspicious croc death investigated in Qld

Laura Polson

A 4.3 metre crocodile has been shot in far north Queensland, earning the attention of local authorities.

Wildlife officers recovered the body of the estuarine croc on the banks of the South Johnstone River at Wangan farm, south of Innisfail, on April 29.

A Department of Environment and Science spokesperson said it appeared the animal had been shot in "suspicious" circumstances.

"Community members are reminded that crocodiles are a threatened species and should not be approached or interfered with," the spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

Killing a crocodile illegally in Queensland carries a maximum penalty of $28,383.

A photo of a large dead crocodile strung up by rope - reportedly taken in the area - was posted on social media, but has since been removed.

The image shows a man, wearing a cap and a high-visibility work shirt, posing and holding the animal's claw.