Suspect in Gothenburg explosion found dead

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The suspect in a serious explosion in the Swedish city of Gothenburg about a week ago has been found dead.

The lifeless body of a man was found in a body of water in the centre of the country's second largest city on Wednesday morning and had already been identified, the public prosecutor's office announced.

After the deliberate detonation in an apartment building in Gothenburg's Annedal district, an intensive search for the man had been under way.

"It is nice that he has now been found - although we had hoped that he would still be alive," Police Chief Anders Borjesson said.

Police do not currently believe that the suspect's death was the result of a criminal offence. The investigation relating to the suspect is now closed, but the probe into the cause of the explosion will continue, they said.

The explosion had occurred in an apartment building on Tuesday last week. Afterwards, a fire broke out in the building. Sixteen people were taken to hospital, four of them with serious injuries.

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