Suspect charged over US knife rampage that injured six

A suspect has been charged over stabbing attacks at a cinema and restaurant in Massachusetts and named as a suspect in a killing in Connecticut.

Jared Ravizza, 26, of Chilmark, Massachusetts, faced Plymouth County District Court on Tuesday charged with stabbing two people at a McDonald's restaurant.

A judge ordered a competence evaluation to determine fitness for trial.

The suspect was also charged with the stabbing of four girls at a cinema in Braintree, north of Plymouth. A court date has yet to be set.

Connecticut State Police separately said the stabbing suspect was being investigated in connection with the death of Bruce Feldman in Deep River on Saturday.

Police said the suspect matched witness descriptions and appeared to be living with Feldman, but he had fled the area.

The death came hours before a man walked into an AMC cinema in Braintree and "without warning" stabbed four girls, the youngest of whom was nine, then fled in a black vehicle.

The vehicle was spotted an hour later at a Plymouth rest stop.

Authorities alleged that Jared Ravizza stabbed a 28-year-old man through the window of a McDonald’s drive-through restaurant with a large knife.

He then allegedly stabbed a 21-year-old woman inside the restaurant.

All victims at the cinema and restaurant were treated for non-life threatening injuries.

State police responding to 911 calls followed the vehicle as it fled Plymouth. It later crashed and the driver was arrested.