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“Survivor” contestants explain why they will win season 45

There can be only one. Winner, that is. And that winner will not be determined until day 26 of Survivor 45, when a jury awards one of their fellow players $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. But in the days before the game starts — a start that can be seen on the Sept. 27 season premiere on CBS — everyone is a winner. In their own mind, at least.

As part of our exclusive Survivor 45 cast reveal, we asked all 18 contestants before filming began to tell us why they would be the one to emerge victorious when all is said and done, and you can watch their answers in the video above.

Survivor 45
Survivor 45

Robert Voets/CBS (3) Sifu Alsup, Kellie Nalbandian, and Bruce Perreault of 'Survivor 45'

First of all, let us just say that the confidence level of these new victims contestants is truly off the charts! Kaleb Gebrewold thinks he has the social skills to take both the crown and the cash. "What I'm really great at is getting people to listen to me, getting people to come onto my side, and really understanding what motivates them and keeping their self-interest at heart," Kaleb says. "So I think what's going to make me go really, really far and then eventually win this game is not only the fact that I'll understand how to make things happen when I need to on the show, but then also understanding what they're looking for at the end in order to vote for a winner."

Of course, that means he'll have to best 17 other people, including folks like Kellie Nalbandian, who believes her day job as a critical care nurse in New York City has served as the perfect training for her latest mission. "I'm super used to being in an inherently stressful and chaotic environment," Kellie says. "Not only am I used to being in that environment, but I'm used to using my brain being physically exhausted on a 12-hour shift.… You think of someone who has great emotional intelligence and a really good bedside manner, and connecting with people in a hyper vulnerable scary place is a skillset that I have, and that I think I can really use out here to my advantage."

Survivor 45
Survivor 45

Robert Voets/CBS The cast of 'Survivor 45'

Orrrrrrr… maybe the key to winning is just not being the obvious one everyone wants out. "Am I stronger than anyone else here?," asks Jake O'Kane. "Probably a couple of people. Am I more intelligent than other people here? Probably a couple. Am I more social than other people here? Probably a couple, but obviously not all."

However, Jake points out that while you don't want to be the worst in any of those areas, you also don't necessarily want to be the best. "It's about having different strengths in different areas, but obviously not maxing out your threat level in any one of those areas, and that's what I think I bring to the table."

To watch all 18 contestants explain why they will be the one to win Survivor 45, watch the video above. Also make sure to check out all the exclusive photos and bios of the new cast!

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