‘I'm scared now’: Surprising find in woman’s ear after 22 years

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A woman, 26, says a doctor recently pulled a 22-year-old 'surprise' out of her ear during a check-up for a cold. 

Jordan, who goes by @dogs_over_ppl on TikTok, posted footage about the strange experience that quickly went viral.

"When you go to the doctors for a cold and they flush your ears out and find a surprise," Jordan wrote in the video caption.

The footage then shows a "tube" she said she had placed in her ear when she was four years old. 

Grommets — tiny tubes that are inserted into the eardrum to drain fluid — are supposed to naturally fall out after six to 12 months, according to Health Direct.

Jordan and the grommet pulled from her ear.
Jordan said her doctor found the grommet when she visiited about a cold. Source: TikTok/dogs_over_ppl

"At least it wasn't a bug. I had no idea it was possible to hear this well," Jordan said.

In the comments, the 26-year-old explained that she hadn't been suffering from earaches, but did find her ears would randomly become muffled.

"I always assumed it was from allergies," she admitted.

Turns out she isn't the only one who has had grommets stuck in their ears for years.

"I got mine in when I was one and finally had surgery when I was 22 to get them out because they were still stuck in there," a viewer responded.

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Someone else said they had to get theirs surgically removed because their skin started to grow over them, while others became terrified their grommets are still in their ears.

"Mine never came out. What the f**k. I'm scared now," one person wrote.

The video has more than 700,000 views on TikTok and over 70,000 likes.

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